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2020.07- 2021.09- 2023.01
Launch Date -2023.03-2023.10.10

Contracts issued by us-


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Its strength is use and spread

The Nowruz project can be described as experimenting with a model for a stable digital currency that is not controlled and supported by governments and is not linked to any old asset, that is, from scratch, creating trust among ordinary people among themselves and building institutions from the opposite base this time, understanding inflation and bureaucracy as one of its most prominent problems, and benefiting from the digital world.
By creating value in a semi-stable digital currency during its initial offering period by gradually transferring a portion of external assets to it, the individual participant has a decision and the right to vote and own part of the project according to his desire.
To later convert it into a stable currency when the volume is equal to the size of the limited tokens at that time, we can control the fixed price by distributing the revenues to the participating wallets.
Given the progress of science and useful technical tools to solve many of the problems of the modern world, such as the blockchain revolution, artificial intelligence, and many of the software industry and smart digital applications, we can achieve this. Among its most important characteristics that humans and Nowruz society always need are the following:


- Adoption and use
The project is considered a white paper for the Kurdish community if it achieves a high adoption rate.
We win a part of the currency community that will adopt it forever, no matter what changes occur and it is known to everyone. Thus, we guarantee permanent use and survival, and the element of emotion is very important.


2- Transparency
Loss of trust is a disastrous characteristic that comes from the absence of transparency and leads to the collapse of the individual and collective psyche. It harms everyone and also obscures you from benefit and presence in exchanging interests with others. People tend to see the processes, completed settlements, and previous actions in a clear and transparent manner and reach them without obstacles.


3- Spending
The ability to settle transactions quickly and securely, whether in the context of daily commercial exchanges, services, or family assistance, at a lower cost is everyone’s goal.


4- Growth and expansion
Growth comes through the large number of operations performed on the network and its use, and the continuous increase in the number of its participants, which generates income for it through the settlement tax and the distribution of profits to shareholders, and helps in the expansion of the project, either by building an independent network especially for the project or establishing partnerships with the rest of the networks.


5 - Creating a hospitable home with a picturesque and renewed nature for the youth community, the world of blockchain, digital creators, the Nowruz community, and the general public. There are many things in common, including No. 21.

We live in the era of the digital revolution and the rapid and comprehensive development of tools to help produce knowledge and intelligence and improve the quality of living on this earth. This time, it is open source and everyone can access it without hindrance or monopoly. Thus, the value of justice and equality has become more crystallized.

Justice, through the development of tools, the processes have become clearer and more transparent, that is, they are exposed to everyone in settling transactions and disputes and implementing duties, and they can be referred to. This is an important point at the expense of administrative corruption in any sector.

Equality is the diversity of choices and the factor of competitiveness in making human civilizational contributions possible, even for those who are elderly, people with special needs, or communities deprived of services to access many rights, the most important of which are freedom of expression, communication, education, and work more easily.

The tools that people used in the past were part of their lives and accompanied them wherever they went, but this time things are completely different.

Technology has become the creator of our world, and we have become a part of it and interact with it. It has begun to affect us, our actions, and our societies, and it includes many areas of our daily life. Here, Michel Fuko theory is correct - that man has become a being after he was a human, and that man is a modern invention that is not more than two centuries old. This stage is just a new cognitive chapter in human history, and it will disappear again once knowledge takes a new form or formula. 


Therefore, Fuko believed that there is always a new person and a new reality worth studying. Thus, ethical standards are constantly changing and will not necessarily resemble the past, because we live in a different reality in which we need to find new solutions to preserve our values ​​instead of repeating the words of the past.

Man must regain his personality after he was enslaved and turned into a being, and we must keep pace with the changes of civilization instead of lagging behind and resisting them, and benefit from all the positives it offers and produces, because the solutions to many of our problems are in our hands and available to the generation that is being formed, so we must respect reality. Which is taking shape before us instead of being burdened with an unnecessarily heavy legacy. I see that we have entered a new phase and that the Age of Enlightenment has become behind us.

Therefore, it is also important to start spiritual discussions and human philosophies on civilizational foundations to move towards the integration of common interests and values ​​for all.

The most important step is to create a cohesive project community that has a need and goal for these applications and products, and to create a platform to attract everyone who has intelligence, creativity, education, investors, and liquidity flows to it.

The goal is to create a green and fair financial system that resembles Rare metal in that it is difficult to produce, preserves value, and carries more human and moral value, so that it does not expose human societies to the path of violence in every global financial crisis, through the following steps:

There are three inevitable problems that have accompanied humans wherever they are since ancient times: wars, migration, and environmental devastation, and these are one of the reasons for the slowdown in civilization. I believe that the main reason behind this is a defect in the concept of value (Rare metal and rare metals) and the mechanism of operation of the rules of legislation and economics. It is inherited and primitive and has not changed and nothing has changed. A radical modernization process, such as the divisions of time 60 - 60 - 12 for man in the day and night, the timing of work and sleep, as well as the circle with its 360 degrees, writing or writing down, and that the future that we are in was created for us by the first people, while all of man’s tools, the values ​​he believes in, and the inherited concepts have changed and are constantly being updated.

It is not easy to move to an idea or create a theory, apply it, and take it as a final work map. Rather, it needs to be shaped and passed through stages that everyone who believes in it works on, experiments with, and develops in order for it to expand and grow. We need to make approaches.

The dilemma lies at a time when there are two conflicting tendencies that prevent agreement on formulating clear concepts for each stage of our lives, and here I mean a controversy related to heritage and modernity, and both of them believe in a certain pattern in the correctness of their thinking and method of performance, which has led to the current form of confusion that we live in. It is good that we have the precise tools that will help us judge it negatively or positively, and benefit from at least some of what we need in the next stage of combining human rationalization and digitalization. In my opinion, speed and not wasting time in partnership and working with others.

The process must be a participatory, youthful, creative process that is placed on the table of universities to develop it and organize the mechanisms for producing solutions technically and accompany them in a modern and academic way for radical discussions that include strengthening the concept of duties and sharing burdens with others and determining our place in it and the role that we play. It must not focus only on individual benefit, but rather enhance the role of ownership. Collectivism as a guarantee and source of value for future generations.

Among the most important challenges presented today are the general economic mood and its branches, democracy, obstacles facing climate and sustainability, supply chains, legislation, trade laws, and countless other things. We should not forget that the most important factor in a smooth transition in historical stages is always the need for a strong partner to achieve moral victory first and contribute by adding value to human civilization in an intelligent and courageous way.


The progress and well-being of any social entity depends on its ability to keep pace with technological and organizational development in its various fields and applicationsdigital technology is one of the most important requirements for achieving administrative, economicsocial and cultural development, as it constitutes a new dimension of human life.
Thereforeyou see it invaded all areas of life, penetrating all the hardware and software that processes data and encodes or encrypts it into signals.
These recent developments can benefit all people if technology techniques are optimally used and invested in everything that would achieve success for societiesdue to the advantages they provide, such as saving time and effort because they rely on computers.
Over the past twenty years, the digital world has spread rapidly and continuously, as new developments have touched our lives in various ways and in deep ways and open up many horizons and opportunities that greatly affect the individual and society.
A large section has been verified and there is nneed to modify the requirements because iwas written three years ago Preparing the general atmosphere for people to accept transactions in the form of codes and developing the appropriate tools thelp them deal with technology and use it othe principle ohumility ipractice Ithe age is 2and the other i4The middle othe difference irecommended athe basis for dealing.


Undoubtedly, the features of this era are crystallizing little by little, and the competition seems to be escalating. It can be said that whoever wants to be in the advanced ranks of the country’s refineries and is able to establish healthy relations with the rest of the world. Digital entities must have the necessary plans and policies for their success.

It is a democratic digital governance, sustainability, and the green economy is a cultural heritage capable of developing concepts and producing new values to reduce the obstacles applied at the lowest cost of time, and there is a risk of unequal distribution of power significantly to this day.

Multilateral corporations and foreign countries control large parts of the digital infrastructure through their investments, and countries have only a few data centers that guarantee ownership and control of domestic data.

Effective political control is not always guaranteed, including in rich countries, especially when it is unpopular and unreliable in society.

This makes it difficult for some countries to anticipate the impact of new digital technologies, which may risk undermining their ability to effectively guide the digitalization process.

The main challenges can be explored through the prism of digital sovereignty and its ability to activate the basic components more accurately and clearly for the people.

The concept of digital sovereignty is by no means new and what it can do for digital sovereignty is a vague concept for a large segment of most emerging societies.

But by going deeper and exploring what digital sovereignty and power can mean for our countries, it can serve as a guiding principle and a map in terms of tangible national organization and cooperation across continents if people realize this before it's too late.

This means that the greater the demand for the currency, the following percentages will be subtracted from the remaining quantity of the total currencies in the portfolios and the percentages allocated for each year.
To maintain the stability of the currency price and protect society from high volatility and also the decline in liquidity.

The owner of the project owns the above-mentioned percentage of the currency share, and also owns 0.98 percent of the ownership of the project. He remains stable and carries out project management tasks directly. He has the right to assign sub-tasks and manage contracts with others without reference to Sunday until the administrative body is formed and the new laws are enacted and updated, and its duration is every four years. Investment period for contract implementation.

The project is also fully owned by the users, except for the permanent owner percentage of only 0.98 percent with the currency team percentage of 4.99 which is obtained through the terms and rules established for 1 gold and silver wallet, of the size and all assets that the project will later own.
The currency owner has one year to form an advisory body that includes expert members to monitor and audit the progress of the Board of Directors’ general executive management tasks.

The holder of the first contract owns the keys to access the wallet and has the freedom to act conditionally without any regard to profit, whatever its form.

S Dwarf and Raising 20.00 vercent.
Nowruz community 51. 0 0 vercent. It is responsible for this so that it is requested only once to be combined with the public key of the project.

The currency team can carry out general executive management and project affairs management, make the most appropriate plans for the advancement of the enterprise, how to facilitate operation in the market, and take fees from the 4.99 percent currency team fund.

Also, the coin team can manage the 13.00 percent donation fund and divide it among both the quality of individuals and the quantity, and if a clearer conglomerate face is formed, 7 independent digital institutions project the coin and agree on an initial plan to adopt the coin as a stable pair against their currencies, they get the second percentage. The full currency difference is 4.99 percent.

It owns a percentage of the project’s profits after adjusting that percentage to the total members according to reviews, auditing and taking into account the general interests of the project and putting it to a vote after consulting with the owner of the currency and often by submitting a tender to public competing institutions

Private sale /project team.

One of the most important characteristics of the project is that its ownership is decentralized and does not belong to any specific party. An example of this is that the owner of the currency does not own a percentage of it that does not exceed 1 percent only. Likewise, the ownership percentage of the work team does not exceed only four percent, and together we get 4.99 percent and it can be obtained for everyone who He wishes to join according to the conditions, requirements, and type of sections agreed upon by the currency work team.

It is divided into 101 golden wallets, each of which constitutes a vote in the team’s board of directors and its decisions, with the exception of the project creator who has one seat and two votes to break a tie in the voting process if the result is equal. Also among the tasks of the team are the first and last responsible for the project’s workflow and success, developing plans and laws, and controlling pricing systems.

Also, each wallet must have at least the project token 175.5M, and it must be visible and registered in the group’s list so that the public can monitor it on its official website. It must also be frozen and not moved except when there is a need to move it after an effective vote by everyone. Otherwise, membership will be dropped. Ownership is automatic, and council members have the right to nominate a member to join from one of the owners of silver wallets exclusively for each member.

The conditions for acceptance of the golden wallets are subject to first through private sale and the agreement of the first joiners, regardless of their number, until the voting factor becomes effective at its beginning.

The Gold Wallet also has the right to nominate Silver Wallets for its work team, which number 10 or at least 5, subject to the conditions of the Silver Wallet rules. Likewise, a seat can be reserved for the Gold Wallet through the agreement of the holders of 5 Silver Wallets and above until the number is completed 11 and obtained through joint agreement and facilities between them.

All golden wallets receive a fixed percentage of the full currency team of ownership and a similar percentage of the project’s profits and revenues when it expands and its ability to provide services later, varying from operating profits. Its mission is to maintain deposits and the project’s credibility.

It is not possible to change the organizational structure of the project and make amendments except every four years, through a vote by the Council.

All wallets are subject to accountability and transparency to the token community. Their addresses are present in a list on the official website of the project, and the mention of the institution or its owner is unconditional to the public, but internally it is obligatory to be subject to legal matters.


It is also useful to leave space for ambitious people to be gradually trained and qualified to experiment with projects whose ownership is decentralized and does not belong to any specific party. And until the base of participation and joining grows, experiences flow, and services diversify later. We distributed this percentage in decision-making and expanding the ownership base to help the first team, and it has an equal percentage of revenues and ownership to the work team as well, 4.99 percent, and it can be obtained from anyone from the public who wishes through decentralized platforms.


It is divided into 1,002 silver wallets, each of which constitutes a vote in the team’s board of directors and its decisions. The board manager is excluded from this and is exclusively the owner of a gold wallet. He has one seat without a vote. He does not vote in the voting process except in the absence of one of the votes and not abstention and the result is equal. Only he is allowed to vote. Among the tasks of the second team is responsibility, participation, studying the progress of the project, monitoring it and its success, and developing plans and laws, with the owner of the golden wallet to which it belongs.


Also, each wallet must contain at least the project code 17.5 million, locked for at least 6 months, and must be visible and registered by one of the owners of the gold wallets in the group list so that the public can also monitor them and which group they belong to. The addresses of the wallets are placed on Official website. It should also be frozen and not moved except when there is a need to move it after an effective vote by everyone. Otherwise, membership will be revoked. Ownership is automatic, so a member is nominated to join after the approval of the group administrator.


The conditions for accepting silver wallets are first subject to public sale, and anyone wishing to join can obtain the approval of the first joiners or those who announce their need for new ones for each group, the minimum of which is 5, or wait when one of them comes out and take it directly according to his order in his waiting list, until the voting factor becomes effective among the group or the administrator. About them.

It is very useful that the cryptocurrency market is not affected because of the legal problems of stablecoins and the news spreads here and there because of its association with deposits deposited in banks that link the value of the currency and the destination of a country or the institution or any third party and always expose the market to shocks and undermine the process of trust with it on the one hand.

The second aspect is not to leave an opportunity for special groups and work for them to take responsibility on his shoulders and control the course of trends and price systems for them, whether negatively or positively, and often reaps the greatest benefit for a group at the expense of others by providing support sometimes for certain projects and nominating them intentionally or unintentionally, killing the spirit of justice and democracy in people's choices.

Rather, our stable currency must also take on a decentralized character emanating from the society itself this time and create a spirit of enthusiasm and competitiveness among them by presenting new values that are created in a human way.

This is an ambition we aspire to when we adopt the project step by step, through a mutual exchange of tokens for project owners and distinctive tokens in the field industry and using them in deposits in digital banks to save them to help them a little rise in times of crises instead of turning to lending or mining operations in exchange for disbursing costly profits to them.


These projects are often based on large popular bases and at their request after voting and studying to accept the project.

We have created public digital wallets for each individual token, in order to show the community that supports us the most and create a spirit of generosity and show it to everyone.


All of them are placed as deposits for the project that are not used except when needed to move them in cooperation with third parties specialized in the field of security and preservation of digital currencies.

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Traders, investors, the digital currency community and investors, whether they contribute large or small capital, have a special advantage and ability, because they often study and analyze projects before entering them, and their decisions are very important and affect the success rate of these. projects, and may delay the period of success of any project.


I remember five years ago, most of us did not know or own cryptocurrency, or believed in it, but there were those who saw it as just an incredible absurdity, but as time went on, a lot of crypto-based projects and applications appeared, flourished and expanded.


However, she did not take her deserved and deserved place in many circles. The media and social networking sites did not play their role in defining their function and our need for them to encourage people to access them, especially young people.


But over time, people started to learn more about this technology and started to build up a deep knowledge base, understanding and understanding of this industry. Through continuous research and various projects, they have a say and the ability to influence through content makers and discussions about project types and uses through practical experiences.


In conclusion, the cryptocurrency community, whether we like it or not, is credited with raising awareness and spreading a culture of thinking among a wide segment of ordinary people of the concept of economics, defining production markets and their owners, and the ability to use analysis, monitoring and implementation tools, and the financial and securities markets have benefited from them. Finance in the past decade and helped the technology sector to accelerate its progress and growth through financial flows.


It also contributed to the provision of specialized and trained competencies, which will contribute to developing an integrated plan for them to obtain the currency and give them the greatest possible benefit as a reward and thanks.
The obligation to return the values ends after a full year because six months is sufficient for all donors to claim compensation.

Donations are made in the form of donations in the services sector and necessary community infrastructure when urgent programs are available after an agreed-upon joint study through legal channels, such as food, health, and education programs, including reconstruction.

All of them are placed in the collection pool, and what remains of them until the end of the collection day is returned with the remaining tokens to be put into circulation.2023.11.10
The Token Project believes that one of the most important reasons for the success of the currency is at the point of arranging the steps of its transmission
At each stage in a thoughtful and organized manner.

In fact, there are no specific numbers about the number of individuals belonging to crypto, digital currencies, and the blockchain industry between...
Belonging, circulating or beneficiary due to the ever-increasing number of people and institutions entering into
This field, but we can estimate it through the number of interested and traders in the two largest trading platforms,
The number of registered traders on the famous Binance platform is more than 120 million users.
The total daily trading is approximately $35 billion
In contrast, about 108 million approved registrants are active on the platform of the famous American company Coinbase
Through their residential addresses or official payment channels, with a trading volume of approximately $138 billion for the quarter
Annually, it is accredited in more than 100 countries around the world, according to the official websites of the two platforms. As for
Regarding the number of individuals who use digital currencies in their dealings or are beginners to understand them
Much more, especially in Asia and South Asia, where it is estimated that in China and India alone there are about 100
In Arab countries, its use has increased in the last three years, especially
The Arab Gulf countries, in addition to millions of users in northern Syria and Iraq, as the data indicate
To the great demand for it after the Corona pandemic, especially after the sharp decline in the value of those local currencies
Countries Retail companies and small businesses are also increasingly relying on digital currency payment systems
Encrypted on their platforms and accepted as a means of payment.
It is an inevitable result of competition between projects and companies that compete to adopt these systems despite...
Negative news and successive losses from time to time,
It is recovering quickly despite the chaos created by investors with their mass exit from platforms
Cryptocurrencies once there is a problem on one of the platforms and return to it after the resulting storm has calmed down
About the collapse of one of the projects, noting that there are more than 2,252 projects listed on CoinMarket
A cap with a size of between one and two trillion US dollars and a young audience working day and night like a cell
Bees to provide the best projects and visions to the world and leave a mark in all fields
Applications, electronic games, and software companies are among the first to adopt digital currencies.
Other traditional companies have also begun to adopt it, such as the Burger King restaurant chain
Famous in America, Starbucks and retail companies are also credited with reviving some arts and the world
Entertainment and fashion.
Also, some electronic banks have begun to integrate them into their systems for daily transactions. For example, PayPal has integrated digital currencies into
User accounts and allow them to trade through its platform, which is used by more than 346
One million active accounts, with a transaction volume exceeding $222 billion

It is a festival celebrated by the Kurds and their group of neighboring peoples, and shared by a group of cultures, ethnic groups and peoples located in Western Asia, northern Mesopotamia and southeastern Anatolia along the mountains.

According to Wikipedia, Eid is the largest holiday of Persian nationalism and is celebrated in Iran and neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and Turkey, and is celebrated by the Kurds, especially in northern Iraq and the Kurdish regions in Syria. Nowruz passed between peoples and cultures via the Silk Road and is considered an official holiday in Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Kyrgyzstan. [2]

There are different reasons for celebrating Nowruz, taken from popular stories in the cultures that celebrate it. It is said that it is the festival of spring, in which the new cycle of life is celebrated after the end of winter.

The Kurdish language and its branches belonging to the Indo-European languages and Kurdish culture are the cultural heritage of various ancient peoples who shaped the modern Kurds and their society like most other people of the Middle East. There is a high degree of mutual influence between Kurds and their community. their neighboring peoples. Kurds have a rich folklore tradition, which until recently was transmitted from generation to generation mainly through oral word or songs. Although some Kurdish stories were known.

They are spread throughout Kurdistan, and are diverse in purpose and style. In Kurdish folklore one can find stories about nature, anthropomorphic animals, love, daily life, heroes and villains, and mythical creatures.

According to UNESCO, today approximately 300 million to 500 million people around the world celebrate and among the Nowruz celebrations is preparing a special table called Nowruz in the Seven, which contains seven things that begin with the letter S. Another custom is for Hajj Fairouz to appear in the streets, usually wearing red clothes and dyeing his face black, then singing popular poems. In 2010, UNESCO decided to include Nowruz in the Model List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and recognized March 21 as World Nowruz Day. The naming basis for Nowruz is the basic rule in terms of audience.

This symbol has great weight and popularity, both morally and practically, among many people, as it has become a symbol of spring and renewal.

Before embarking on any symbolic project, we must know the strength and cohesion of individuals and what qualities distinguish them that can contribute to the success of our project that aims to decentralize and participate at the same time, distribute equal benefits among all participants, and raise the level of trust between them as an entry point to governance and digitization in order to spread Justice, transparency, orientation towards equality as much as possible, and searching for value through the individual himself.

Nations and civilizations were built without the tools of value, money, etc. Rather, they were built on voting on a social, moral, or other program, and then they grew and increased with the entry of individuals when there was a need and interest required it. .

So why don't we produce value paid in advance through a project that serves our interests and the interests of others, and when they see that they need it, it can be modified and developed by discussing it with as many people as possible to be compatible with our aspirations and make it easy to use even for those who cannot deal with modern technology from the elderly. And other decentralized programs and applications.

Perhaps we will regain our civilizational role in the world through the symbol of our ancestors.